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The Most Thrilling Game Of The Season Is Here! ⚡😱

This game is perfect for those fun occasions when friends are getting together and need some entertainment. The thrill starts when all the friends insert their finger into a bucket and the light indicator starts moving! 😈
The screaming starts when the buzzing sound stops and one of the friends get hit by a virtual current!
⚠️ Note: The shock isn’t very intense but it is enough to make you jump a little! It’s more the nervous anticipation that makes this so much fun.

Make Your Game Nights Fun and Exciting 🤩

With Electric Shock Roulette, you and your friends can have hours of fun and laughs as you determine who’s going to be the next victim in a tense atmosphere! A fun party game played with your fingers. Great gift for family & friends.

Two modes

Random mode: First, press the mode button to select the number of people participating in the game, and then press the start button to enter this mode. Competitive mode: First press the mode button to press the indicator light to the rotating state, and then press the start button to enter this mode.

📖 Rules to Play

Electric Shock Roulette can be played by 1 to 6 people.

Players put their fingers in the small bucket, and the indicator light turns randomly. When the buzzing sound stops, one of the players will be hit by the virtual current.

Once electrocuted, you’re out of the game. Last player remaining wins the game.  

📦 Package includes

1 x Shock Roulette Party Game

Material: Plastic + electronic components

Batteries: Three 1.5V AA batteries


The instrument doesn’t do any harm to the human body, but for people with similar diseases such as heart disease, epilepsy, or people with a strong click response, please do not use this instrument.

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